Creamed Honey For Sale

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Creamed Honey For Sale

Our Raw Creamed Honey For Sale is never processed or pasteurized, contains no additives, and is strained to remove impurities from the hives. This honey is as close to its natural state as possible, without losing any of its valuable nutrients.

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Creamed Honey For Sale
Creamed Honey For Sale

Our creamed honey is the highest grade, pure, raw, and natural honey that we put through a unique process that gives our honey a silky, smooth, spreadable, and creamy texture like that of whipped butter. During the creaming process we only add whole and natural ingredients to create the most unique blends of creamed honey with a variety of delicious flavors. Are you ready to buy creamed honey today and see what all the buzz is about?

Creamed honey, despite any of its names, contains no cream (or any dairy products).

As always our honey is Orthodox Union Kosher certified, Paleo Friendly, and made in the USA.


What Is Creamed Honey?

Creamed Honey, also known as Whipped Honey or spun honey, is a delectable variation of this natural sweetener. What sets creamed honey apart is its luxurious, velvety texture that is achieved through a controlled crystallization process. By introducing tiny, uniform crystals into the honey, it transforms from its liquid form into a smooth, spreadable consistency.

This results in a honey that is not only easier to handle but also spreads effortlessly on toast, biscuits, or as a delightful addition to various culinary creations. Creamed honey retains all the distinct floral and aromatic notes of its floral source, making it a favorite among honey connoisseurs who appreciate its creamy richness and versatility in both taste and texture.

Whether enjoyed as a topping, a sweetener in beverages, or simply savored by the spoonful, creamed honey offers a truly indulgent experience for those with a sweet tooth.


12 oz