Creamed Matcha Honey


Creamed Matcha Honey

At Sunny Honey Miami we use the best green tea Matcha to create this superfood honey. Matcha has a fresh and slightly nutty flavor that perfectly balances the sweetness of raw creamed honey. Known for its high levels of antioxidants, Matcha honey also supports metabolism and provides a great energy boost. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, matcha offers a naturally calming and relaxing effect. 

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About Our Creamed Matcha Honey

As always our honey is Orthodox Union Kosher certified, Paleo Friendly, and made in the USA.

Creamed matcha honey is a delightful fusion of traditional honey and the distinct flavor of matcha green tea. This innovative blend combines the smooth, creamy texture of finely crystallized honey with the earthy, slightly bitter notes of high-quality matcha powder. The result is a luxuriously spreadable condiment that offers a unique twist on classic honey.

Its rich green hue is as visually appealing as its taste is sophisticated. The health benefits of both components are notable; matcha is renowned for its high antioxidant content and energy-boosting properties, while honey is celebrated for its natural sweetness and antibacterial qualities.

Perfect for adding a refined touch to baked goods, enhancing morning toast, or sweetening a cup of tea, matcha creamed honey is a gourmet treat that appeals to both health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts who appreciate the melding of traditional and contemporary flavors.


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