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Creamed Honey

We bring together the gourmet taste and the goodness of nature to offer you the finest quality creamed honey for sale.

Raw Honey

We use authentic “White Clover” honey from cute little Canadian Bees. Our Honey is taken directly from the honeycomb.

Shipped to You

Our Creamed Honey for sale is available in select stores but not to worry, all our flavors are available to ship direct straight from our website store.

Mix & Match

Honey flavors are available to mix and match as you choose. Our HIVE-Member discount provides 15% Off all ‘Auto-Ship’ Orders. Please allow 1 week for shipping.

Award Winning Gourmet Creamed Honey For Sale

Creamed honey, also known as spun or whipped honey, is a type of processed honey that has been creamed and whipped to create a thick, spreadable consistency. It is created by blending granulated honey crystals with liquid honey until it reaches the desired creamy texture and then slowly crystallizing it in large cooling tanks.

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