What is Creamed Honey?

What Is Creamed Honey?
What Is Creamed Honey?

What is creamed honey?

The raw honey, the one we use is honey that comes straight form the honeycomb, we never heat it up, which preserves all the amazing qualities of the honey. Our honey is Canadian white clover honey, the highest quality honey there is!

Creamed honey, also known as spun or whipped honey, is a type of processed honey that has been creamed and whipped to create a thick, spreadable consistency. It is created by blending granulated honey crystals with liquid honey until it reaches the desired creamy texture and then slowly crystallizing it in large cooling tanks. The creaming process breaks down the larger crystals into smaller ones, making creamed honey smoother and easier to spread. It spreads like butter at room temperature and has an incredibly sweet flavor. Creamed honey is loved by many for its versatility—it can be used just like any other form of liquid or creamed honey, drizzled on oatmeal or yogurt, added to smoothies for extra sweetness, mixed into cake and cookie batters, or spread on toast.

After collecting and straining raw honey from the hive, we throw it in a honey creamer. A honey creamer is essentially a big tank with an auger that spins liquid honey periodically over a few days. Honey naturally wants to crystallize in the tank but by stirring it we interfere with the crystallization process. This allows us to control the size of the crystals. The smaller the crystal, the smoother and creamier the honey. Creamed honey has a smooth, sumptuous texture that is perfect as a spread but preserves the goodness of raw honey. This process takes 4 days!

Creamed honey is especially popular among beekeepers who prefer harvesting creamed versions of their own raw honeys to save time and effort in the kitchen. The creaming process stabilizes the liquid form so that it won’t crystallize too quickly or deposit any sediment at the bottom of the jar. This creamed honey is a great choice for those looking to enjoy their honey without worrying about it becoming overly thick or grainy, as it maintains its smooth consistency for much longer than traditional liquid honey.

In addition, creamed honey has a much more subtle flavor than regular liquid honey and can be used in a wide variety of recipes, from toast and yogurt to baked goods and tea. It’s also perfect for adding an extra layer of sweetness to your favorite dishes like pancakes, oatmeal, ice cream sundaes, and even smoothies!

So if you’re looking for a delicious alternative to regular liquid honey that won’t leave your hands sticky or cause any mess in the kitchen, creamed honey is the perfect choice. Not only is creamed honey easier to spread than spun or whipped honey, it also has a superior flavor and texture that will have you coming back for more! Try creamed honey today and experience the difference!

Creamed honey, despite any of its names, contains no cream (or any dairy products).

Other Names For Creamed Honey:

  • Whipped Honey
  • Spun honey
  • Granulated honey
  • Churned honey
  • Fondant honey
  • Honey butter, or
  • Soft set honey.

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