Cacao Honey – Cacao Creamed Honey

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Cacao Honey

At Sunny Honey Miami we use USDA certified organic Dutched cacao powder to create our all natural Nutella alternative. Our cacao infused honey has the chocolatey flavor you would expect, but with all the health benefits of raw honey.

As always our honey is Orthodox Union Kosher certified, Paleo Friendly, and made in the USA.

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About Our Creamed Cacao Honey

Cacao honey is a unique and delectable treat that combines the rich flavors of cacao and the natural sweetness of honey. This exceptional fusion of two distinct ingredients creates a symphony of flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

Cacao honey is made by infusing raw cacao nibs or powder into honey, allowing the sweet nectar to absorb the deep, earthy notes of the cacao bean. The result is a luscious and versatile condiment that can be drizzled over desserts, used as a natural sweetener in beverages, or simply enjoyed by the spoonful.

Cacao honey not only provides a delightful culinary experience but also boasts health benefits, as cacao is renowned for its antioxidants and honey for its antibacterial properties. It’s a harmonious blend that satisfies both the sweet tooth and the discerning palate, making it a cherished addition to the world of gourmet ingredients.


12 oz